Our Core Values

- We believe that every Senior and Care customer has the right to be treated with dignity and respect and
    has the right of self-determination.
- We believe in delivering the best quality service possible to those who have put their trust in us.
- We believe that honesty, integrity, caring and thoughtfulness are as important as the health care we provide.
- We believe that our residents are active, joyful and fascinating individuals who will continue to
   learn and grow each day and will contribute to our learning and growing as well.
-We believe that great care is a team effort where ideas, collaboration, and mutual respect for
   each team member's efforts and contributions are essential to the result.

SeniorAssistant Standards of Conduct

SeniorAssistant and its employees provide the highest level of care and services to our clients  and their families with ethics and integrity in everyday decisions. Compliance with our Standards of Conduct is required by each SeniorAssistant employee  and is essential for the accomplishment of our mission, and reminds us that we are all responsible for our actions. We are committed to doing the right thing for our clients everyday.

SeniorAssistant Senior Care and its employees are committed to:
-Treating each client and fellow employees with dignity and respect.
-Treating each client with Understanding, Sincerity and Tenderness
-Doing the best job possible in a manner that complies with all laws and regulations.
-Conducting business at all times, in an ethical manner.
-Promoting a positive and non-discriminatory work environment.
-Working safely to protect our clients, you and other employees.
-Keeping accurate and complete records.
-Assuring the confidentiality of client and employee information.
-Promoting the highest standards of personal integrity.
-Using good judgment in daily decision making and asking for assistance if a proper course of action is not clear.
-Presenting only truthful and accurate information regarding SeniorAssistant, Inc and its entities.
-Reporting anything that you see that violates these Standards of Conduct, SeniorAssistant policies or the law.